Hi Kids,

My name's Ed, Ed Lice. Click on the captions to follow my story and fnd out more about me.

Ed Lice

Like a chicken, I started off as an egg - I think they called me a nit at this stage.

My mum lays about 7 eggs every day. Can you imagine having that many brothers and sisters? Besides them I've got loads of other relatives. I wonder if that's what Mum means when she says I'm one on a million????

There are so many that I don't know most of them.

My main pals are my sisters Louse and Nitty. Mum wanted to call them Louise and Kitty but I changed the birth certificates!!!! I know I was naughty - I just couldn't help it.

The beautiful forest called Hair on the Head

We live in a beautiful forest. My mum says it's called Hair on the Head and is part of a much bigger place called a kid. We think her name is Cheeky Monkey as that's what her Mum and Dad always call her.

It's a beautiful place. Warm, clean and soft - like silk, with plenty of food called blood so we never get hungry!!!! Louse, Nitty and I have formed a gang - we call ourselves the Three Dined Lice

Three Dined Lice, Three Dined Lice
See how we run, see how we run,
We all run after the kiddies hair
To feed all day without a care
We'll search you out wherever you are
We're Three Dined Lice

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