Kids test your knowledge of Ed KLice and his family.

All the answers can be found in one of Ed's tick boxes. Tick the box you think is the right answer then get your Mum abnd Dad to check it (Mums and Dads you can email us for the right answers.)

What's my full name?EdEd HeadEd LiceMr Ed
What are my sisters called?Louise and KittyLou and KitLouse and nittyMouse and Kitten
What's our gang called?Three Blind MiceThree Dined LiceThree Lined LiceThree Kind Lice
What does the S.A.F.E/ club stand for?Safe Against Foxy EdSafe Area From EdSafe Away From EdSafe Anywhere From Ed
How many legs do I have?2468
How do I move?I can't move at allI can walk and runI can walk run and flyI can walk, run, fly and jump
How do I start life?As an eggAs a baby louse
My ways of travelling to other kides are? (Tick as many as you think apply)Shared pillows during sleepoversHead to hed contactShared headgearOn the swimming pool
I can live on?DogsCatsOther petsHumans only
I feed on?Fish fngersSoupPizzaBlood
A female can have how many eggs a day371020
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