Information and Guidance for Pharmacists

Protec "Ed Lice" is a new range of insect repellents that targets head lice.

It is simple, clean and easy to use, just spray on to hair and it will protect against any head lice infesting the hair for 48 hours

After 48 hours or after getting the hair wet in rain or after swimming, Protec "Ed Lice" should be re-applied to maintain maximum effectiveness

Protec "Ed Lice" does not contain any pesticides, insecticides or larvacides

Protec "Ed Lice" is a pure repellent.

The active ingredient in Protec "Ed Lice" is "Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate" or IR3535 for short which is a well known and trusted insect repellent. IR3535 is recommended by the WHO as being safe and effective and is therefore an ideal product to be used in the fight against head lice. It has a very low toxicity profile and recent studies submitted to the authorities shows that it can be used as a trusted product by adults, children, pregnant and nursing mothers and infants. So ideal for use in a young family.

IR3535 does not kill head lice and works exclusively by repelling them. As such it DOES NOT cause resistance

IR3535 has is safe for the environment. Tests done on IR3535 shows that it does not accumulate in the environment and quickly breaks down. Therefore parents do not need to worry about what they might be doing to the environment when they are washing hair which has been treated with Protec "Ed Lice". This makes IR3535 very different from most other head lice products on the market which have a negative environmental impact.

Download our factsheet for pharmacists.

For more information, to set up a trade account or to order please contact Protec "Ed Lice" or ring 01453 833345 Monday to Thursday, 9.00 to 2.00 to talk with Ed's colleagues!

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