Stop the relentless cycle of head lice

Ed Lice – effective head lice repellent

Head lice are a common problem for children from 4-14 years of age, especially when they spend their time playing together closely (head lice is more prevalent in girls) and this allows easily for louse transfer from head to head. They affect children across all levels of income, social class and cleanliness. Tiny, crawling creatures about the size of a pin head when they are born to the size of a sesame seed when they are mature, they cannot be controlled by bathing and showering regularly and can even survive underwater for up to six hours!

Head lice do not carry disease but they do cause irritation as a result of an allergic reaction to their saliva during feeding and the frequent itching and scratching (particularly behind the ears) will alert you to the problem. Once infested, use a head lice treatment to kill and get rid of the lice (they will not go away on their own and will continue to jump from head to head). Then use Ed Lice frequently to repel them and keep them away.

Ed Lice is an odourless, non-greasy, safe and long-lasting light spray hair protection that will PREVENT an infestation or reinfestation.
After the head has been treated to get rid of the lice and when the hair is clear – then Ed Lice repellent will prevent an infestation or re-infestation for up to 48 hours. Ed Lice repels head lice and shields you without harming your health or the environment.

  • Odourless, non-greasy and quick to dry
  • Light spray leaving hair soft and free
  • Spray all hair from root to tip for up to 48 hours protection
  • Suitable for all ages (including babies).

The active main ingredient is IR3535® (recommended by the World Health Organisation as a safe and effective insect repellent and gentle enough to be suitable for the whole family including babies). This ingredient is already well known in many countries as a highly reliable and tolerable repelling agent against ticks, mosquitoes, and other irritating insects such as head lice. The World Health Organisation do not recommend any ‘natural’ products on the market as they not subject to the same safety tests.